Montana Woodworks - Ready to Finish

“Ready to Finish”
  • The term “Ready to Finish” is used to describe items that are not yet finished, i.e., they require minimal preparation work and some type of high quality finish such as varnish, lacquer, exterior stain, etc. in order to protect them from U.V. and weather damage.
  • It is essential to finish the item(s) before exposure to U.V. rays and weather as both will adversely affect the lifespan of the item. Failure to finish the item may void warranty.
  • When choosing a finish, we strongly recommend purchasing a high quality exterior finish as doing so will minimize future efforts necessary to maintain the finish and protect the item.
  • You may apply a colored stain prior to the application of the final finish thereby matching existing colors or items.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions as printed on the product label to ensure finish is properly applied. This will not only reduce the time before re-application but will more effectively protect the item being finished.
  • Most finish manufacturer’s recommend an annual inspection of the finished item. Doing so will prevent unwarranted weather damage to the item.
  • Montana Woodworks pre-finished products feature finishes and/or stains from Finish Works. These finishes may be purchased by calling 1.260.768.3220